Project Union Jack Hood Scoop


Several emails back and forth with Ed and the details were worked out.  He said that he could either have me install it or he could.  His shop is relatively local for me, so I decided to let the pro handle things.

When I got there, Ed told me to leave the scoop on the car, so he had something to steady it with.  All that hard work the night before for nothing. Oh well.

Ed had never done a scoop like this before (I'm not sure who has!) so he told me that he had printed about 3 graphics just in case.  We were both a little interested and maybe a bit nervous as to whether it was going to turn out well or not.    

                First he covered the entire scoop area, with bit of overlap.                    Lots of heating to stretch the vinyl so it would properly fit.



                            Trimming the area around the scoop.                                                        More heat, and a steady hand.


Page 5 - Finished!