Project Union Jack Hood Scoop

A Note about removing the Hood Scoop

A couple of days before I took it to Ed, I started thinking that maybe it would be easier for him to do the job if the scoop was off the car.  Since I couldn't find anything on North American Motoring or MINI2 about removing it (there were lots of posts about removing the black inside part for a grill mod) I spent a few minutes in my garage the night before figuring it out.

First, do yourself a favor and put a towel down on your (cool) engine. 

This will stop you from dropping the nuts that you are about to take off the underside of the hood into your engine bay

 (you know... like I did.... twice).


1.  Using a tape wrapped screwdriver, pry the two black plastic covers from under the hood.  This will expose the two hidden nuts that you have to unscrew.  In the illustration above, one of the covers is off and one on, to show you what it looks like before, and what it looks like underneath.

2.  Using an 8mm ratchet head, remove the four bolts marked above.  During this process, you will drop one of the nuts and (a) think yourself awfully clever for putting that towel down, or (b) curse yourself for not putting a towel down.

3.  Close your hood and push down slightly just to the right and left of center on the top of the scoop.  There is a small tab here that you need to overcome.  No big deal, you scoop flexes a little so it's easy.

That's it.... now go inside, call all your friends, and brag about your mechanical skills.


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