Project Union Jack Hood Scoop

Now that I knew it could be done, I had to decide if I really wanted it done.  Relying on my mad (ahem, cough) photoshop skills, I made a mockup of what my car would look like.  Low and behold, I found that I did indeed like the result.  A couple of other questions then arose.  Did I want the blue on the vinyl to be a match for the Hyper Blue car color, or be original Union Jack blue?  Should I keep the factory bonnet stripes or get rid of them?  Back to Photoshop!

Stripes - Union Jack Blue on the vinyl.  Hmmmm.  Not exactly what I wanted.

Stripes - Hyper Blue on the vinyl.  That's more like it.

Get rid of the stripes?  Nah..... I still like them.

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