Project Union Jack Hood Scoop

Months ago I remembered seeing a photo of the John Cooper Challenge races at  Gabe had a picture on his site of a car with a Union Jack hood scoop.  I remembered thinking at the time "That's neat.  I wonder where you buy that".  Months of browsing went by, and I never saw another scoop with anything like it on it.

Then one day I ran across some photos over at Toddsblog of some stripes he had done for a client.  


By this time, I suspected that the Union Jack scoop that I had seen on Gabe's site must be a one off, so I started looking around the web.  Sure enough, I was only able to find two MINIs with that hood scoop.  After looking at several photos of them, I realized that they were both owned by the same guy..... Mark Speller.  Mark races in the John Cooper Challenge and has done quite well for himself.


So I email Todd and ask him if this is a do-able thing.  I still don't know if Mark Speller's scoop is a custom paint job or a vinyl.  Alas, Todd had never done it before and had no time for R&D.  All is not lost though, since I decide to give Cooper Flags a try. Lots of good things have been said about Ed and his shop at Metroplex Mini and with good reason.  After a few emails, Ed told me he could do the job.  Hurray!


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