Make Your Own MINI Door Pull Covers


After reading numerous accounts on the internet of how easy it was to scratch the door handles in the MINI, I decided to make a set of door handle pull covers. 

Seeing as how this is such a monumentally difficult task, I also decided to document the process for those who are not as amazingly technically proficient as myself.


These are the materials you will need.

1.     Some leather, color of your choice.

2.     Some Velcro (I chose stitch on).

3.     Some black thread.

4.     Someone who is proficient at sewing.


Here you see the materials in pre-production.  Don’t be daunted by the complexity of the parts required for this project.  If you take things one step at a time, you will be fine.  Be careful not to mess up though, as the cost is prohibitive.


Here are the covers in their post-production, pre-installation phase.  You will need to cut them into 6 X 3.5 inch pieces.  These dimensions though are for a 2005 model car (I understand that the handles on the 2002-04 are a little smaller).  This is where the process gets tricky….. you will need TWO of these pieces, since the friendly folks at Oxford actually installed two doors on your MINI.  I tell ya… first rain-sensing  wipers, then this…. What will those crazy folks at BMW think of next??


Soft side of Velcro on one side of the leather, hook side on the other / opposite side.  Two caveats here:

1.     Since the door handle is curved, you will need to either angle the “hook” Velcro at an angle, OR put two pieces of hook side Velcro next to each other to accommodate this angle.  By this point in the project, I was just too darn worn out to try and figure out the exact angle, so I just put two pieces on mine.

2.     Put the hook pieces facing the seat.  That way this incredibly rough material will not touch the door handle.  If Velcro needs to touch the door handle, I would rather it was the soft, somewhat feminine side of the Velcro.



You are almost there!!  Don’t give up now!  It’s time to install your door handle covers onto your car.  Take each piece (one for each side…. no noticeable performance gains have been noted as a result of placing multiple door handle covers on the same door) and wrap it around the handle.  Press each side of the Velcro together, firmly, but not with too much force.  If your door handle detaches from the door panel, you have used to much force. 


Note, this modification is good for at least a 10bhp gain in either the standard Cooper or the Cooper S.  However it will void your warranty as it places undo stress on the exhaust system.  The author of this technical manual bears no responsibility for damages that occur to your warranty, or your relationship with your spouse after she asks “You want me to sew what??”



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