Hard Wiring an Accessory in your MINI


Next up.  Splicing the live wire from your accessory into the Add-A-Circuit.  Don't worry, the Fuse box door will still close.


Then ground your accessory.  I chose this bolt here.   It's pretty easy to see if you are laying upside down on your back, with the brake pedal sticking into your skull, while your knees silently protest your lack of physical fitness.

 The brass looking bolt to the left is also OK, but I found it hard to get to, and it was too deep for my socket once I did get to it.

Last, you want to tidy up your wires.  Zip ties, rubber bands, twist ties, and quick dry cement are all materials that could possibly come in handy here.  This is all up to you, depending on where you are mounting your accessory.  Make sure to keep your wires away from the pedals.  If they become entangled in the pedals, and you run off the road, drive into a ditch, and blow up..... well, that would kinda suck.

Mounting your accessory is likewise very individual.  The tidy wires and the mounting were pretty easy for me, as I was putting it onto my parcel shelf.  Double sided foam tape was about as complicated as it got.  I thought about dremmeling out a hole in the shelf and using silicone to actually properly install the socket, but when all is said and done, I'm actually pretty lazy.  This is further evidenced by the fact that as I sit here looking at the picture below, I think...... "Hey, I could probably hide that bundle of wires on the other side of the shelf..... ah, screw it".

Many thanks go to the folks at North American Motoring, who helped me decide where to put the ground (even if I didn't end up following their advice) and the fine folks at Metroplexmini.org, who made sure I didn't electrocute myself.