Hard Wiring an Accessory in your MINI


First thing you have to decide is which circuit you are going to tap into.  I chose F14...... the interior lights.  They are always live, and they use a 10A fuse.  

Oh, wait, the FIRST thing you should probably do is disconnect the battery.

Below is a chart that you will find on the back of your fuse panel (which is located by your feet as you are sitting in the drivers seat).  Your MINI may have a different diagram, depending on the date of manufacture.  Mine's a January 2005 build.


Pull out the fuse of your choice, and insert it into the Add-A-Circuit.  Put an identical fuse into the other slot.  Your Add-A-Circuit will look like this:


Your footwell now looks like this..............

because you just pulled the plug on your lights that you were relying on to see with.  Oh no, wait, your footwell already looks like this because you disconnected the battery....... right???  Go get a flashlight, genuis.

Now plug the Add-A-Circuit into the empty slot that you just took the fuse out of.  Like so:



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